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What You Need For Visitation

  • Driver’s License, State Identification or Passport
  • Inmates Name, Booking Number & Date of Birth
  • Childcare, children are not permitted to be unattended during visitations and this can lead to the suspension of visitation if it occurs.

Visitation Information

Every inmate is allowed to visit twice per week for one hour each time. Inmates in general population are allowed to have four 15 minute visits totaling one hour in total. Special handling inmates may also receive two 30 minute visits per week as well. 

Where Is The Pomona Jail?

Pomona accepts mail at:

490 West Mission Boulevard
Pomona, California, 91766

Finding An Inmate In Pomona City Jail

We can assist you in finding your loved on in the Pomona City Jail. If they were arrested in Pomona, chances are this is where they will be. 

Get quick information when you call our office at (888) 991-4590, or call the jail directly at (909) 620-2131

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Sky view of Pomona CA

Directions To The Pomona City Jail

Get Directions To The Pomona City Jail

You may have to adjust the starting point, but this should load directly into your phones navigation.

Typically, the most congested times for traffic in the areas are between 6am to 10am on weekdays and again from 3pm to 7pm on weekdays. 

With the exception of holidays, this area is fairly free of traffic on weekends. 

Contact The City Of Pomona Police Department

You can visit the main website for all of the information about the City of Pomona Police Department or call them directly at the front desk at (909) 620-2155

There is another contact number for non emergency calls at (909) 622-1241.

Always call the police that arrested your loved one or the jail directly first. If you have problems quickly finding the information you need, then we are here to help. 

City Of Pomona Police
Photos of Pomona City Police Officers
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